When we think of roadway accidents, most people immediately think of accidents involving passenger cars and tractor trailers. As the economy worsens and people are forced to go without personal transportation, more individuals are turning to public buses and taxi cabs. Just like airplanes and trucks, buses and taxis are to follow strict guidelines that when ignored, can cause tragic results.

Bus Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) is responsible for regulating the qualifications and licensing of bus drivers. Every 6 months, bus drivers are supposed to have an extensive medical examination to determine if the driver’s health complies with the requirements. However, not surprisingly, it is all too common for the bus companies to forego these rules to save costs. When an unhealthy driver is behind the wheel, passenger safety is always at risk.

While national legislators have been advocating seat belt requirements for decades, most buses still do not contain these safety devices. Just like with passenger car accidents, the impact in a bus accident can be devastating on the human body. Oftentimes, bus passengers in accidents are thrown several feet inside the bus before striking a hard object. Also just like with passenger car accidents, buses can and will rollover in certain accidents. The regulation of roof strength and stability is minimal causing serious head injuries in such rollover accidents.

Determining who the responsible party is can be tricky. Sometimes buses are owned and operated by a private company which makes the injury claim straight forward. However, sometimes the bus is owned by a school, the state government or city government. An injury case against a school district or government has special requirements that must be followed.

Taxi Cab Accidents

While the licensing of cab drivers is a heavily regulated area, it is common for the private taxi cab companies to sidestep or outright ignore the licensing rules. This leads unknowing citizens entrusting their lives to drivers with extensive speeding records and other dangerous driving tactics. Cab drivers are often distracted by the radio and cell phones which can lead to carelessness. Since the drivers are paid by the mile and not by the hour, it is in their best interest to get to the final destination as quick as possible. This leads to the driver weaving between traffic and engaging in other dangerous behavior.

A bus and taxi accident attorney must have the knowledge necessary to help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. As St. Louis injury attorney, I represent individuals in both Missouri and Illinois injured in bus and taxi accidents. If you have been injured, please contact me for a free evaluation at (800) 517-0602.