Motorcycle accidents occur because motorcycles are not as easy to notice as cars and trucks. The most frequent cause of motorcycle accidents is when the other driver fails to yield the right away. Even if the vehicle doesn’t come into contact with the motorcycle, the threat of a collision can cause the bike rider to lose control and end up seriously injured.

Sometimes the public is quick to place the blame on the motorcycle rider because there is a presumption that the rider was trying to “show off” or go to fast, or weave between lanes. We know that even the most experienced and careful motorcycle riders can be involved in an accident simply because the vehicle driver wasn’t paying attention. The law provides that motorcycles are to be treated just like cars – they are to get their own lane and space to ride. We have handled many cases where the vehicle driver simply didn’t provide enough space between the motorcycle and the car, resulting in a collision or near collision.

Bike riders do not have the luxury of being surrounded by strong metal like that found in vehicles. When a motorcycle is struck, the driver almost always either hits the vehicle or pavement with his body. There is simply not enough protection in these circumstances. Even the most minor collision can cause serious damage to the human body and of course, the bike itself. Check out my injury and treatment page here.

As a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney, I handle these cases frequently. I know that more and more, drivers are becoming inattentive and are not keeping a lookout for motorcycles. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an inattentive driver, Contact St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney or call me at (800) 517-0602.