When a car strikes a pedestrian, very serious injuries often result because the pedestrian is defenseless. The pedestrian does not just “walk away” from the accident as people do in an automobile accident. Instead, the pedestrian typically suffers broken bones and catastrophic head injuries. Check out our injury and treatment page here.

As with automobile accidents, these accidents can occur due to driver inattention, failure to yield the right of way, failure to stop at a crosswalk, and failure to drive at a safe speed. If you were walking in a crosswalk and struck by a driver who simply wasn’t looking out for you, the driver should be held liable. Sometimes the driver leaves the scene either out of avoidance or simply because he was so distracted, he didn’t even know he hit you! This makes a bad situation even worse but don’t give up yet. It is very possible that you can file an uninsured motorist claim under your own insurance policy. An experienced attorney can guide you through this process.

Sometimes, pedestrians are struck because he or she failed to check for cars in the roadway. In our accident injury practice, we have seen many injured pedestrians try to handle the case against the insurance company on their own. Don’t assume you were at fault. Even if you were not in a crosswalk or failed to keep a lookout for cars, you may still be entitled to recovery depending on the facts of the case.

Insurance companies have a way of dragging out potential claims hoping that witnesses will disappear, memories will fade, and you will lose interest. You need an attorney to push the case to be sure this doesn’t happen. Your attorney will quickly speak to witnesses, which are key in crosswalk cases. Your attorney may also hire an accident reconstruction accident to make it absolutely clear how the accident occurred based upon the physical evidence at the scene. While many citizens complain of the installation of traffic cameras through the cities, the cameras could become very helpful in your case if one recorded your accident. But you will need to seek counsel quickly so that this footage can be obtained.

Pedestrian accidents are different from vehicle accidents and a good injury attorney will help you understand the difference. St. Louis Pedestrian Accident Attorney If you or a family member were struck by a vehicle and you have questions or need representation, please send me an email or call at (800) 517-0602.