My goal as your personal injury attorney is to assist you through a difficult time. I want to explain the legal process to you in a way that allows you to make decisions that are right for you. While it’s important for me to win your case, it is even more important to me that you walk away from this process feeling that you had the best representation available. Below are some comments from prior clients.

My name is, Norman. My wife informed me you helped her during the time I had my accident. I want to thank you greatly for all that you did for us during that time. You came highly recommended to us from very trustworthy friends because of your excellent business ethics and care that you have for your clients. I am very pleased to know there is someone as reliable and trustworthy as yourself to work with in the world today. I just wanted to contact you to extend my gratitude and say THANK YOU for all that you do.

Norman B.

Lindsay Rakers is an outstanding attorney who puts people over money. Before taking on our case, she advised that if her services would not be necessary in obtaining the outcome favorable for my family, she would not take a fee. Finding someone like Lindsay is very rare in today’s society and especially someone practicing law. With her, there will never be a doubt in mind that she has your best interest in mind. I would recommend her to anyone at a crossroad after suffering a personal injury.


Lindsay worked very hard on the resolution of my case. Her compassion and concern were appreciated.

Karen T.

Thank you for providing me your service with my recent uninsured auto accident and for working with gathering information from the other insurance companies. Although my injuries turned out to be soft tissue with no permanent damage, I am truly thankful for your help. Having your professional assistance with dealing with the other two drivers and their insurance companies really helped take the stress out of this ordeal. I really appreciated your outstanding, courteous help by always being available and your quick response to questions I asked regarding this case. It is very refreshing knowing there are very high caliber lawyers like yourself helping the average person like me.

Michael J.

Thanks a lot, Lindsay. You always answered my questions when I needed them answered and did what you said you were going to do. Thanks a bunch!!

Bryan D.

Ms. Rakers was very personable and helpful with my claim with Vivint.  She did not drop the matter and as a result, I received everything that was asked for.  She also kept me informed.

Carolyn S.

Lindsay, I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thanks” for your hard work on my behalf. I am so glad that this lawsuit is over with now, and even though we had agreed on a settlement amount, you found a way to negotiate an even higher settlement amount much to my surprise.

G. Saari

I so enjoyed working with Lindsay! She was always professional and made sure to respond promptly to any questions or concerns I had. Even after we agreed on a settlement amount she went the extra mile to negotiate an even higher settlement amount.

L. Perry

Lindsay was very professional and understanding to all my issues. I would say if you’re looking for a good attorney that will work for you and get you the very best results, it’s Lindsay. I would hire her again. It’s one thing to hire someone who just cares about winning the case, but she cared about my pains and issues as well. It wasn’t just about money. She always kept me informed with what was happening with my case. Thanks again Lindsay, may God bless you.

L. Hudson

Lindsay has really been there for me in the time it has taken to get my work comp case to its current state. Anytime I have had any questions, I knew, and still know, that I can call or email whenever it is convenient for me. When I do call, it is not like other lawyers I have spoken to who rush as fast as they can and don’t give each case the respect it deserves. She has treated me very well and if I ever find myself in a situation where legal counsel is required, she is first on my calling list. As a client of Lindsay Rakers, I would highly recommend anyone looking for counsel to call her and you will be taken care of and protected like me.

Adam S.

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown us during this time. God Bless.


Thank you so much for the efficient, professional and very effective manner you handled my personal injury case. My exposure to legal proceedings has been, fortunately, limited in my lifetime. Should I need assistance in the future, you will be the first attorney I call. All good wishes as you enter your second career as a mom!


You’re too, too kind, but I don’t mind! Thanks so much.


You guys are fantastic! I have no complaints whatsoever. You have been nothing but great.

Todd B.

In my experience with Lindsay Rakers, I was very impressed with the outcome.

Eric T.

My experience with Lindsay Rakers has been exceptional. I get answers to all of my questions the day I call and that alone is wonderful. I am very happy to have her representing me.

Dan J.

We are pleased that your firm took our case and stayed with us through the course of the negotiations. In particular, we are so grateful for the professional manner in which Lindsay handled herself ‘under fire!’ We have utmost respect for her and for the firm she represents.

Donna S.

Being involved in a serious car accident while vacationing in Missouri was a nightmare, but selecting Lindsay Rakers to represent me as an out-of-state client was a great decision. Lindsay always kept me informed, responded promptly to my phone calls and emails, gave me sound legal advice and encouragement as I recovered from my injuries, and successfully negotiated the best possible settlement for me. She is a true professional. I highly recommend Lindsay Rakers.

Therese S.

My main concern was if my attorney was going to go MIA and the process of the settlement. Lindsay handled all communication between the insurance company and medical provider and always kept in the loop about what was going on during the process. She is very professional and well-mannered, and she always answered all my questions. I will definitely work with her again if in need an attorney.

Jana W.

I was in a horrific auto accident, and I really needed help in being able to pay my medical bills. Lindsay gave me the help I needed and made it possible for me to be able to pay my bills and heal without added stress. I would tell everyone about how helpful Lindsay was. She gave me realistic expectations and followed through on everything in a timely manner. I was very happy with Lindsay as my attorney. Thank you, Lindsay!

Lana S.

The other driver had no insurance, and my insurance was stalling or refusing to pay. Lindsay took care of the problem at hand. All the bills were paid, and it took the weight off my shoulders. She was very thorough and got me the best possible outcome.

Cassandra L.

This was a hassle-free process. I never once had to drive to see my lawyer or stress about anything. I would highly recommend this firm to any friend or family member who may have suffered any kind of injury. Lindsay, thank you for taking good care of my case and for being so detailed and responding to my random emails. I really appreciate the prompt replies.

Josh G.

Thank you for all the hard work. You helped us through some very hard times. Your work is superior, and your honesty is far above the norm. You have a great wisdom and would not give up. You are very professional and compassionate – a rare person. I would highly recommend to anyone.

William H.

Lindsay was extremely helpful. She did so much work on my case and spent so much time on it. I truly appreciate all the time and effort she and all her associates took on my case. Thank you once again for all that you did!