You May Not Need a Lawyer

You are likely wondering why I would admit that you might not need an attorney. A trusting, long-lasting, and successful attorney-client relationship will only exist if it is built in honesty. We will always be honest with you. Simply put, sometimes attorneys are not needed. This might be because your case would cost so much money to prove, that in the end, you would not benefit. Or perhaps it is a situation where once you educate yourself enough, from sources like this website, it is more beneficial for you to resolve the claim yourself. This is rare but it does happen.

Most often, it will benefit you to work with an attorney. After an injury, you might expect that the person or company who injured you would accept responsibility and pay for the damages they have caused. Unfortunately, in today’s society, many try to avoid responsibility. Insurance company claims adjusters handle hundreds of claims. They know how to save the insurance company money by denying or discounting your claim. Do you have the time and knowledge to represent yourself against these people? An experienced trial attorney does. We have vast experience dealing with insurance companies and can help you stand up for yourself.

I think first you must ask yourself, WHY AM I HERE?  There are many reasons why you were led to hop on the internet and look into your options with regard to hiring an attorney for your injury claim.  I invite you to ask yourself this question as the answer will lead you to the type of attorney you need.

Selecting An Attorney

We don’t take every case. We don’t work with every person who contacts us. Some claims don’t have merit and sometimes it is just clear that other options may be better served. You should also be selective when choosing an attorney. It is likely the biggest decision you will make with regard to your injury case. Choosing a Missouri or Illinois personal injury attorney can be difficult. Some attorneys seem to have drifted away from the practice of law and have directed their focus almost solely on bringing in business. We believe that our current and past clients are our biggest assets. You should watch out for these salesman. Hire someone based on merit and reputation, not advertising. Anyone can buy a fancy advertisement – ads don’t make successful attorneys. Do your research – get referrals, call your local bar association, interview several attorneys, and trust your instincts.

If you or a friend need help with your injury case please contact Lindsay Rakers today.