We are in a time where most families have one, if not two or three, cars.  These vehicles are purchased to serve as the main method of transportation for families.  When the cars are purchased, we expect that the vehicle will be safe for our family – that it will have been designed in a safe and reliable way and that it will be manufactured in a safe and reliable manner.  Most of the time, the vehicle car manufacturers do a fine job of building a safe car but sometimes, defects result – either in the design process or the manufacturing process – and these defects can be dangerous to the driver and everyone else on the roadway.

Even if a crash is not caused by the car defect itself, sometimes, the resulting injuries can be made even more severe because of a defect – because the car is not “crashworthy”.  For example, if a careless driver runs a red light and strikes another car – and that car rolls (rollover accident), or the seat backs collapse, or the air bags fail to deploy, although the car defect didn’t cause the crash (the careless driver did), the defect may make the injuries much more severe because the car wasn’t crashworthy.

I help individuals (and their families) who are injured by car defects in Illinois and in Missouri.  I have seen a number of people injured as a result of the following car defects, motorcycle defects, truck defects, passenger van defects:

  • Car body defect;
  • Car frame defect;
  • Car transmission defect;
  • Car brakes and braking system defect;
  • Car electrical system defect;
  • Car fuel system defect;
  • Car engine assembly defect;
  • Car seat defect;
  • Car seatbelt defect;
  • Car airbag defect.